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AIBOHOME  is a world class manufacturing company for metal products. Our English-speaking engineering team work closely with international customers to meet their custom manufacturing needs

Specializing in metal fabrication and plastic molding injection, we are looking for a long-term cooperation and serve you as your buying-office in China for all miscellaneous items
Welcome to AIBOHOME
AIBOJIA brass valve Hot forge the valve from 1/4" to 4", the best temperature control effective prevention the valve crack, after hot forge we will do annealing to guarantee safe use in winter.

Different material/design with different process, may be better than hot forge, please consult our engineering and technical personnel

100% leakage test online and each delivery will have random inspections and ISO9001 Certify factory

The leakage test put 6-8bar air pressure and cloose keep 8 hours no leakage.

Accurate Machining Technology
Industrial products the machining is very important, Aibojia uses the best Multi-CNC equipment to make the accurate machining, put all the component according to drawing. Aibojia can be meet your standard dimension requirements
We are setup for flexible machining productions. We work with high mix/ low volume cases as well as high volume projects (use automatic feeding and robotic operations to achieve low cost)

thorough dimensional reports of our parts. PPAP reports can also be provided.

We use 3rd party labs for material tests and provide authentic material certificates. For quotation, we accept drawings in CAD, Solidworks, Igs or PDF formats.

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